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Goal 1.1, 1.2, 1.3: Coastal Cleanup & Cleanliness


❄️Waste & insufficient waste management are the threats for mangroves & humans. If no prompt actions are implemented, mangrove forests will become a huge dumping area for trashes.


❄️Mangrove trees are known for resilient and their ability to filter water pollutants. But mangroves are deserved for more care and responsible actions. The current trends show that people are mostly ignorant with what they have been causing to the ocean. At this point, we made three conclusions:


❄️❄️Mangrove reforestation is just going half the way;

❄️❄️Keeping the ocean clean is the next part;

❄️❄️And correct understanding the negative effects of our actions to the environment is the most important part of this plan.


❄️Since Nov. 2022, our team has been carrying out the followings to make Goal 1 come true:


❄️❄️Establish the Coastal Cleaning Team: the team currently includes 4 members who are the residents of Nhi hamlet, My Long Nam of Cau Ngang district. The team is cleaning trashes along the coastline where many of our partners launched their reforestation projects as well as experiencing how to plant mangroves. One of the most important tasks is to remove the (plastic) garbages from the trees. The cleaning schedule is every Tuesday & Thursday.


❄️❄️Expand more lines of public trash collection: for years, the community along the coastline of Nhi hamlet has not enjoyed the public service of trash collection. They have to burry and burn the trashes, which seriously affects the mangrove growth. Fortunately, this activity will not be happening frequently because MangLub VN spent our budget to fund this service. The trash collection timetable is every Monday & Thursday.


❄️There are lots of thing to do ahead. And your support is highly appreciated to our Goal implementation and the cause of sustainable mangrove afforestation & reforestation. Please inbox us if you require more information. Thank you!

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