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This is a part of the Mangrove Reforestation project in Tra Vinh province funded by SK Innovation.


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  • ASAP
  • Online


  • Gain translation skills;
  • Learn new words in shrimp industry and mangrove;


  • This is a part of the Mangrove Reforestation project in Tra Vinh province funded by SK Innovation.


  • We are planning a website for sharing trusted addresses of clean shrimp in Tra Vinh province. This requires lots of work to be done before the website is official. The translation of the following document is a part of these work.
  • Please find the required translation in the attached file:

     Shrimp farming has been a big industry in Vietnam for decades, especially the Mekong delta. When we zoom out the Mekong delta on the Google Earth, in addition to the rice fields, the second biggest parts are shrimp farms. It is an indispensable sector for the local farmers. However, when the world has been industrialized, shrimp farming with industrial farming style has become the game changer in this area. Obviously, the speed of industrialzed shrimp farms is as equal as the speed of harming the soil where the shrimp farms are.

     However, it is impossible to stop everyone from doing this giant business. We, MangLub Vietnam, would like to convince them that there is always another choice which balances the income & the nature. This method is called to live in harmony with the nature, or in the other words, the shrimp – mangrove model. We call them “Clean Shrimp” instead of “organic shrimp”. This is not completely new. On the contrary, it is traditional farming method in which mangrove trees are planted into the shrimp farms. And the shrimps are fed with nothing except the planktons, the mangrove leaves. And no biotics or chemicals are added to the pond. Shrimp is simply living with the nature.

     This website is built to connect the clean shrimp farmers with the world. We would like to introduce the trusted shrimp farmers who are doing the shrimp – mangrove model. They are the farmers participting in our mangrove projects since 2023 in the 4 – year duration. This project funds them the mangrove seedlings, planting and tending workers.


  • A volunteering certificate is awarded to your work by MangLub VN.
  • You will accummulate the volunteering points for more ideal gifts.

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