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Rooting for Resilience: Mangrove Restoration in the Mekong Delta Collaboration Meet-up

The Rooting for Resilience: Mangrove Restoration in the Mekong Delta Collaboration Meet – up is our milestone in the 5 – year journey since our first steps in Tra Vinh province. The event witnessed the joint participation of three provinces of Soc Trang, Vinh Long and the host, Tra Vinh province. Although the content is not new, it is still hot topic for all to find out measures. As agreed by all parties, mangrove is one of the best approaches now and in the future for a sustainable Mekong Delta.  

While mangrove restoration is required in a larger scale, community awareness is another urgent point. This part must be conducted in parallel with mangrove reforestation, and in different forms. More communities engage in planting mangroves or more beneficiaries involve in the mangrove projects, and more mangroves should be planted in larger areas, which ensure the effectiveness and sustainability.

On the second day, all gathered at the My Long ferrry station to open the Climate Change signboard. It plays a role of raising awarness to the public residents by emphasizing the crisis of climate change and how important mangrove is.

The content of the signboard is as below: 

Mekong Delta, Climate Change, and Mangrove


The Mekong Delta, Southeast Asia's 'Rice Bowl,' is at a critical juncture due to climate change. Rising temperatures are causing sea levels to rise, leading to increased flooding and devastating saltwater intrusion into farmlands, threatening millions in this climate-vulnerable region. In response, mangrove trees stand as a vital defense. They mitigate storm surges and coastal erosion, serve as significant carbon sinks, and provide essential habitats for wildlife, thereby preserving the Delta's rich biodiversity. As climate challenges escalate, mangroves emerge as a key, nature-based solution to protect both communities and the environment in this crucial area.

Call to Action!

In a united effort for a greener Mekong Delta, the Tra Vinh government is taking bold steps to combat climate threats through collaboration. With support from communities, companies, universities, and organizations, Tra Vinh is focused on protecting and restoring its vital mangrove forests. A key example of this effort is the partnership between MangLub, the first social enterprise in Tra Vinh, and SK Innovation. Joined by the ‘Seed For Sea Initiative’ and a network of global and local partners, this collaboration aims to plant millions of mangrove trees and educate the community on climate resilience. This collective action highlights the power of global partnerships to foster local change, paving the way for a sustainable and resilient Mekong Delta.

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