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Tra Vinh - April 10, 2023, the team of 26 members from the international port of GEMALINK implemented a very meaningful activity: planting 300 Rhizophora Apiculata manggrove trees at the farm of Mr. Le Van Buol, a shrimp farmer at Long Toan commune (Duyen Hai district, Tra Vinh province).


In 2022, with the initiative “Seed for Sea”, GEMALINK in collaboration with MangLub Vietnam, sponsored for the conservation of 02 hectares of Intsia Bijuga mangrove trees in Long Vinh commune (Duyen Hai district), which attracted the community’s attention. And in 2023, the International Port of GEMALINK continues its mission through the planting day to support the shrimp farmers. The event helps raise the awareness of the farmers to the mangrove benefits and the healthy shrimp growth, as well as its habitat.


At the event, Mr. Chu Duc Trung, the Innovation & Development Manager, shared his thoughts with us “today, we are here, starting another experiment, combining mangrove planting with Mr. Buol's free-range shrimp farming model in the pond with the hope that the result will be a shrimp farming model with minimal impact on the natural environment, increase biosphere diversity in the pond to create better living conditions for shrimp to grow”. Through this event, GEMALINK has touched the local people’s hearts: the awareness has been raised, the actions will be taken correctly, and a healthy community of green agriculture will be established.


The farmers nearby, who were also interested in learning more about mangrove, felt very happy to participate in such event. More importantly, they came to be reminded about the mangrove importance.


Let’s enjoy such great moments with MangLub VN!

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