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🌳 The planet is in an environmental crisis due to our daily consumption choices. Planting trees is not the only way to solve the problem. People have realized that the global consumption decisions make 72% of the global GHG emission. Thus, a green lifestyle, a living way of demanding least resources from the planet, can be one of the most effective approaches to solve climate change’s impacts.

🌳 Yes, things will be different when we change.

🌳 This is not anything big but starts from gradually changing small habits in our daily life. From that, you can make a big difference.

🌳 This lesson is going to present some useful tips for you to take a fresh start from now.



1. Rule 5Rs

🌳 Starting as a trend, green lifestyle has now become a new standard for civilized and environmentally loving residents. To “import” this green lifestyle, join MangLub to learn and apply the following 5Rs principle:


🌳 Starting as a trend, green living – healthy lifestyle has now become a new standard for civilized and environmentally loving residents. To “enter” this green lifestyle, let’s join MangLub to learn and apply the following 5Rs principle:


1.1 Refuse

🌳 Refuse things we don’t really need such as plastic bags when cloth bags, bags, and your motocycle’s trunks are available, …


🌳 Refuse to take foam boxes, plastic spoons, plastic cups and straws by bringing water bottles, lunch boxes, stainless-steel straws when buying take-away food.


1.2 Reduce

🌳 Reduce what we really DON’T need and and KEEP what is necessary for us, a way of directing yourself to the minimalist living with a focus on quality instead of quantity.


🌳 Reduction helps create a better habit of shopping which item lists are selected, decreasing the needs, and so, the supplying needs as well. Through that, the production – supply chain will become more selected in the future. The wastes shall become lesser.


1.3 Reuse

🌳 Let’s reuse what we can! This is more effective than recycling. Why? Recycling means that you have to decide what to recycle and what to be discharge. Finally, there is still waste!!!.


🌳 Reuse is a way for you to become a mindful shopper at a time of making shopping decisions.


1.4 Recycle

🌳 Be creative, and let’s recycle, friends!


🌳 Recycling our wastes into our useful stuffs, and you will discover it is so much fun to recycle.


1.5 Rot

🌳 Rot it or let’s compost the leftovers!


🌳 However, planning what to buy before cooking meals is more effective than thinking about composting only. If a good plan, we shall not have much leftovers and not throw away.


🌳 For leftovers, we categorize, choose which composting method is suitbale to our leftovers. After a while, you will be surprised that many plants, flowers, and vegetables are green around your house, and eventually you can save an amount of money!

2. MangLub’s simple tips for starting green lifestyle

Well, let’s go into our tips for you to start make changes right away!


🌳 5Rs gives us an overview of how green lifestyle can be. But how can we take gradual steps to implement it? Here are our tips:

  • Save water by taking shower instead of bathtub. Save as fast as you can!!!

  • For used but still clean domestic water, use them to water the plants

  • Do regularly check for water leaks at home and at work.

  • Unplugs and turn off electrical appliances when not in use.

  • Try more walking and cycling. This will help reduce the amount of CO2 released into the environment, while also helping us exercise our health.

  • Try to use equipments labeled energy-saving only. And let’s make sure that we use the right capacity, which helps the utensils last longer.

  • Go shopping with cloth bags along.

  • Bring tubmlers and lunch boxes along to become an icon for the other followers.

  • Throw garbage in the right place.

  • Have trash bins for food leftovers, plastic waste and others.


🌳 If we can all follow these simple rules on a daily basis, we can change our world, creating and maintaining a healthy environment for ourselves, our families, and the world.




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