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Journalist/Int'l students

This part is for journalist or international students who are interested in visiting our mangrove sites


Journalist/Int'l students

Hello! We would like to know more about you before taking you to the upcoming journey


6. Are you a freelancer or an employee?

And please be patient on reading the followings. Thank you! 

Alright. Thank you so much for filling in all details. Our team will contact you shortly. Please kindly be informed that

  • we have the rights to refuse any visitors for our convenience

  • we must get approval for your visit if the visit will be in the preventive mangrove forests. This application is free and made by ourselves. Therefore, you may be asked for emailing your passport copies

General information:

1. MangLub VN team doesn’t own any cars or boats to reduce carbon emission 
2. The mangrove sites are around the islets and along the riverside. You will need to take car to reach the boat station (at least 45 minutes or one hour to drive from Tra Vinh town to these sites by car), and from there, you will take small or big boat to see the mangrove forests. 
3. You are expected to cover these expenses by yourself. Please kindly find the price below: 
  a. Car: it depends on from your departure place. 
  b. Small boat: 1,000,000VND/boat (about 42USD/boat). A boat can take 4 – 5 persons 
  c. Big boat: 2,000,000 VND (about 84USD/boat). A boat can take 50 persons. 


4. If we have business trips during your visit, we will offer you a drive for free.


Please confirm that you have read over all the above information before jumping on the mangrove journey with us. Thank you! 



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