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Vegfest event 2023 at Ho Chi Minh city

Vegfest fair, organized by Vive and with Manglub VN joining this year at Ho Chi Minh city Cultural House for Youth on December 16th and 17th, 2023.


Saigon Vegfest has been famous for gathering hundreds of prestiged vegetarian businesses. It represents the voices of the Vietnamese young people about changing lifestyle, loving anials and respecting the nature. And the 2023 Saigon Vegfest is a continuous success, especially with the focus on fundraising for planting mangrove in Tra Vinh. Specifically, 50% of the total fee is donated for planting the Rhizophora A. mangrove trees in the province.

The event was amazing when MangLub VN, an honorable guest, shared the mangrove benefits to the HCMC citizens. Ngân, a volunteer, presented her understanding about the important role of mangroves to the livelihoods as well as her mindset of how the nature is protecting us. We attracted the guests, from the adults to children, by asking them to play the lukcy games in which they would be asked a question and gave the correct answer. Specifically, the visitors, together with MangLub VN's employee participating in fun activities such as: finding more knowledge about mangrove forest, taking part in games to bringing home some rewards, taking online courses to take the certificate...

The two – day event made us closer and joyful because we are not the only people caring about the mangrove, but also there are many young friends. Together, we will re - green the planet by changing our diet and planting more trees!

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