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The Contest of Mangrove Ambassadors with ISCHOOL Tra Vinh sponsored by SK Innovation under the framework of the 2023 Mangrove Reforestation project

🪴The 25th of December 2023 saw an exciting event between MangLub VN and ISCHOOL Tra Vinh. The students happily joined us in the speaking contest of Mangrove Ambassadors in Tra Vinh.

🪴This is the first time when these young students learnt about mangrove, specifically the Rhizophora Apiculata species. Proudly, the students were very self confident and excited about the knowledge. For us, it is such a pride to bring this opportunity to these young friends. Definitely, they are the future country leaders. Vietnam loves you, dear young boys and girls! 

🪴The contest closed with four prizes including the First prize, the Second prize, the Third prize, and the Consolation prize 

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