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Flying fox - a rare and endangered species that needs to be preserved in time

With an effort to conserve the rare animals in the province, in August 2022, the Tra Vinh Forestry sub – department, in collaboration with Cantho University, condcuted a survey of the Pteropus flying fox at R’ka Chắs (previously called the Là Ka pagoda), Là Ka commune, Nhi Truong commune of Cau Ngang district. This will be input to the provincial conservation plan.

(Photo: Flying fox )

The survey shows that there are about 1,297 individuals of Pteropus at the pagoda including 1,133 Pteropus vampyrus and 164 Pteropus lylei. These two flying foxes are categorized as vulnerable and rare species based on the Decree # 06/2019/NĐ-CP dated on January 22, 2019 by the government regarding management of vulnerable forest plant, animals. Pteropus là Pteropus hypomelanus (dơi ngựa bé), Pteropus lylei (dơi ngựa Thái Lan) và Pteropus vampy pus (dơi ngựa lớn)

(Photo: Flying fox at Ra Chắs pagoda of Cầu Ngang district)

The Pteropus vampyrus is facing the risk of extinction in Vietnam, and is not seen in some provinces. At R’ka Chắs pagoda, the quantity of flying fox are more than the one in Mahatup pagoda of Soc Trang province where there are about 200 individuals.

(Photo: Flying fox at Ra Chắs pagoda of Cầu Ngang district)

Currrently, TV Forestry sub – department is contiuing its survey of the habitat including the food source, and how this kind has been hunted illegally. All will be summarized in a report to the local government for further steps. It is planned to have a provincial diversity plan of period 2021 – 2030 after the official plan is approved. The legal background is the Official Document # 1776/SNN – CCKL dated on September 13, 2022.

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