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2020 – Project A – PFP (Plant for the planet)

Project A’s highlight: 07 hectares:
• Planting locations: Ban islet & Nhi hamlet of Cau Ngang district
• Areas: 07 hectares
• Tree quantity: 38,000 trees
• Mangrove type: Sonneratia Caseolaris & Rhizhophora Apiculata

Tra Vinh – Mar 2020, Plant for the Planet (or PFP) project, funded by SK Innovation, was launched in Tra Vinh to improve living standards and health status of the target beneficiary by increasing food security and creating job opportunities through Mangrove reforestation and the implementation of environmental education.


The project includes two main sponsors who are the SK Innovation in Seoul, and in Ulsan or A and B projects respectively. It is a bigger step of SK Innovation after its 30 hectares in 2019.

Project outcomes:


·       Outcome 1: Increased quality of life of the target beneficiary derived from newly planted Mangrove trees.


·       Outcome 2: Increased awareness of the targeted beneficiary regarding environmental protection and climate change

Project Gallery



The Contest of Mangrove Ambassadors with ISCHOOL Tra Vinh sponsored by SK Innovation under the framework of the 2023 Mangrove Reforestation project

Dec. 25, 2023

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