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If you are here, it means that you would like to plant and reforest with us. We operate in Tra Vinh and in the coming days, in Soc Trang provinces. We are happy to bring you through simple process. Let’s see what we can do on behalf:

  • Tailor your plan

  • Obtain planting license on behalf of your company

  • Implement the planting activity

  • Monitor the planted areas in accordance with Forestry laws & regulations


Tra Vinh Province

Tra Vinh is a coastal province in Mekong Delta with a natural area of 2,292 square km, and the coastline of 65 km. The province has the total area of forests at 9,000 hectares in Chau Thanh, Cau Ngang, Duyen Hai and Long Tri. With the surroundings of Hau & Tien rivers, it has a dense network of cannals & rivers. The rainy season is from May to November while the dry season is from December to April. The average rainfall is from 1400 mm to 1600mm, which is very favorable for agricultural farming.

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Soc Trang Province

Soc Trang is a coastal province of Mekong Delta with a natural area of 3,331.8 square km. Like Tra Vinh, it has two seasons including dry & rain seasons. Its average rainfall is 1,799.5 mm. The province is often suffering from floods and serious land erosion. The whole forest area is over 12,000 ha.


Vinh Long Province

Vinh Long is a province located near Mekong Delta’s center and adjacent to the West of Tra Vinh. With a natural area of 1,525 km2, and a dense network of canals & rivers, Vinh Long is one of the two provinces in Vietnam having neither sea nor forests. Thanks to the two Tien & Hau surroundings rivers, Vinh Long has favorable natural features with fertile alluvial, high-fertility soil, and its average annual rainfall reaches about 1,400 - 1,450 mm. As Vinh Long is featured with the tropical monsoon climate, it has two distinct seasons including rainy season (May - November) and dry season (December - April). These elements have faciliated the province’s agricultural development.


However, Vung Liem district is not lucky as the other ones. It has been suffering from many serious land erosion cases during recent years. On the Co Chien river, the excessive sand mining has been not stopped, causing severe landslides to the local residents. Above all, mangrove reforestation is required in combination with more approaches by the government’s line agencies to prevent the illegal sand mining

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