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Rhizophora Apiculata

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(prioritized for reforestation in TV)









  • Medium to large-sized erect mangrove tree growing up or over 30 m.

  • Can reach up to 50 cm in diameter, bark is dark grey.

  • Conspicuous, arching stilt roots extending up to 5 m up the stem, and sometimes has aerial roots from the branches.

  • Dark green, smooth and leathery leaves are ellipitic with entire leaf margin and reddish leaf stalks, measuring 7 - 19 by 3.5 - 8 cm. Long, red stipules emerge from the leaf bases.

  • Flowers are composed of cream-coloured, linear petals arranged in a cross-shaped pattern. Prominent, yellow sepals are fleshy and wider than the petals. They occur in pairs and are held on dark grey stalks. Flower buds are broadly elliptic and finely fissured.

  • Brown, pear-shaped fruit hang with the smaller end pointed down. A long, cylindrical seedling emerges from the smaller end, while the fruit is still attached to the parent plant. This condition is known as viviparity.

Rhizophora Apiculata grows well in mangrove forests estuaries, coastal areas, where water summons averages, mud and lightning are chopped, salty, beachy. Often dominant or almost pure in mangroves, with a thick and fertile soil frequency, frequently influenced by strong tides and accution.




It's best to plant Rhizophora A. in a tight muddy soil. It's easy to recognize this soil type. When you step in the soil area, you will be sunk to the depth of 15cm - 30cm and you hardly move your feet. The tide level should be at average height. Rhizophora Apiculata are grown on breathable soil which is rich in organic matter. The soil composition should be a combination of stable humus, clay and sand.



The best is that the number of days of flooding is from 10-19 days per month, the exposure time is over 8-14 hours per day.




The average annual temperature is 26.5-27.5°C and the average annual rainfall is 1300-2500 mm.


Salinity: From 10 to 30‰ (appropriate salinity from 10-20‰).

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