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Support on Community Education

Goal # 2: Support of equipments of community education

a) Educational tools/equipments are understood as those serving the continuity of education including

  • television,

  • notebooks, pens,

  • laptops, desktops,

  • other equiments, etc...

b) How to apply:

  • The applicants must be in the project areas;

  • The applicants can not find any financial resources before approaching MangLub VN and must be in need of those equiments;

  • The applicants must make commitment to using these equiments properly, and costly.

  • The applicants must be schools, community centers, or private educational groups, etc...

Donating TVs to the school

Presented 37 health insurance cards to students of Vo Thi Quy primary school, Long Toan commune, on June 11, 2023.

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