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Rennovation or Buildup of New Toilets



Toilet # 2 for Mr. Thai Ut Nho

🌸 Tra Vinh – February 2024, the totilet # 2 at Gạch Cỏ hamlet, Long Vĩnh commune, Duyên Hải district, was offered under the framework of PLI (program of livelihood improvement). The PLI’s budget is from MangLub VN’s annual profit.

🌸 Mr. Thai Ut Nho is the shrimp farmer participating in the project of Enhancing Society Together (or Cùng Nhau Nâng Tầm Xã Hội) funded by Haskoning Vietnam. The project funds 03 hectares of Rhizophora Apiculata mangrove trees in Long Vinh commune.

🌸 Mr. Nho’s farm is in a very remote area where the needs of electricity and clean water are not so easy. During our visits to his farm, his family was using a temporary toilet which was unable to ensure good hygiene and health. The Goal # 1.4 of MangLub VN’s PLI is to improve such living conditions to the people in the project areas.

🌸The toilet was finished the Tet holidays and has been in use by his family since then. Total cost is twelve million Vietnam dong.

🌸Our PLI welcomes any financial support so that more families can benefit from the program.

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