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2022 - Mangrove Reforestation Project

Project’s highlight: 52 hectares
• Planting locations: Cau Ngang district, Long Tri, Chau Thanh District, Duyen Hai District
• Areas: 52 hectares
• Tree quantity: 160,224 trees
• Mangrove type: Sonneratia Caseolaris, Rhizhophora Apiculata, and Sonneratia Alba

Tra Vinh – May 2022, SK Innovation’s 2022 Mangrove Reforestation project was launched in Tra Vinh with the area coverage of 52 hectares throughout the provincial districts of Cau Ngang, Chau Thanh, Duyen Hai, and Tra Vinh town.


In 2022, SK Innovation partners with United Way to authorize the project implementation to MangLub VN Social Enterprise. In addition to the popular mangrove types, the project also plants one hectare of Sonneratia Alba in Dong Hai commune of Duyen Hai district, hoping that this mangrove type can be multiplied successfully in Tra Vinh.


While it maintains to plant more Sonneratia Caseolaris as an afforestation effort, it also focuses on mixing Rhizophora Apiculata trees to the current mangrove areas to increase the diversity and enrich the habitat.


The project’s outcome features the awareness raising of the youth generations through approaching more elementary students, organizing the mangrove planting day with the community, and finally campaigning the online mangrove’s knowledge.

Project circle timeline:

Project Launching 2022

Project Gallery

Project Gallery


Cuộc Thi "Đại Sứ Rừng Ngập Mặn Năm 2023" Tại Trường Ischool Trà Vinh Do Sk Innovation Tài Trợ Trong Khuôn Khổ Dự Án Phục Hồi Rừng Ngập Mặn Tại Tỉnh Trà Vinh Năm 2023

Ngày 25/12/2023

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