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About Us

MANGLUB Vietnam is the combination of the words “mangrove” and abbreviation “LUB” that represents our core values. LUB stands for ‘Long-term’, ‘Unlimited stakeholder’ and ‘Being simple & clear’. We believe long-term plan is better for the environment and also reduces risks. ‘Unlimited stakeholder’ shows that how we care about the community and the future generation. We promise that we try to add more and more surrounding and related stakeholders as we solve problems. And ‘Being simple & clear’ states our aim to explain what we do with data and right rationale.


Re- green the Southeast Asia via A/R forestation & education.


As the Southeast Asia is becoming the center of World’s production, our missions are to STOP or SLOW DOWN its climate disaster through nature-based, education and tech-innovative solutions.


  1. Planting 30,000 hectares of mangroves

  2. Planting 10,000 hectares of Redbook-listed trees

  3. 8,000 ambassadors of carbon-free lifestyle

  4. Education about climate change to1M people

  5. Creating 3,000 eco-friendly jobs

  6. Finding and processing the 10 innovative ways of how to make plastic-free ocean



  • A/R forestation

  • Biodiversity

  • Education, empowerment, election of people

  • Job creation

  • Carbon neutrality

  • Clean sea


Founded in April 2019 in Tra Vinh, MangLub decided to go the the model of social enterprise. As a social enterprise, MangLub Vietnam recognizes that we must always work innovatively, creatively and proactively to invest our earned profits in gaining our community mission.

Since the first days, MangLub Vietnam started baseline surveys, planning, and collaborated with Tra Vinh Sub-department of Forestry to tailor the mangrove reforestation program for the province. Up to now, MangLub has achieved in improving the mangrove forest status and continuing to implement our vision, and gaining success in raising community’s awareness in mangrove importance.

Our slogan is “go with MangLub, grow up mangrove”. We believe that MangLub Vietnam brings meaningful difference from what we have done so far. When a seedling is planted, a tree shall grow up. We always remember that mangrove saves us, we save mangrove!

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Image by Maxwell Ridgeway



Hangsok Kim, a Korean activist, is the Founder and CEO of MangLub Vietnam since April 2019. Hangsok is also managing two other companies and social enterprises in Korea and Myanmar. He has been working with a strong commitment to the community work for developing countries. Hangsok is a great team leader who is warm, nice and humorous.




Born in 1985 and earned a Bachelor degree of English from Cantho University, Thy Pham joined MangLub Vietnam as Office Manager from its first days. Thy has been experienced at non – governmental organizations and foreign business models. Prior to becoming the team of MangLub VN, Thy managed office operation, coordinated HR & accounting for Wolverine Vietnam, PARA & SPSP projects funded by GIZ. Leading the Vietnam team through tough conditions, Thy has been working hard for inspiration in contributing to the company’s and her hometown’s growth.




Hue Nguyen, born in 1991, is in charge of accounting for MangLub Vietnam since July 1, 2021. Hue graduated in financial accounting from Cuu Long University in 2013. So far, she has 7 years of accounting experience in the production system. With an intersted in growing flowers and other plants, Hue has shared common values with MangLub Vietnam, and decided to join us at “the shared house”.

Image by Maxwell Ridgeway



Kha Nguyen, born in 2000, with accounting major from Tra Vinh University, has joined MangLub VN since November 2022 as our Accounting Assistant. As the youngest member, Kha is coloring MangLub VN’s environment and started learning about climate change and mangrove. As Kha shared with us, taking the accounting work in MangLub VN brings her knowledge about number analysis and more importantly, a new exiting journey




Ho Ha Lam (Vivian), born in 2002, majoring in General Business Administration at Tra Vinh University. Vivian will take on the position of Sales Assistant from September 18, 2023. As a new "seed" of the MangLub Vietnam family, with the energy and enthusiasm of youth, Vivian is self - confident in contributing more values to the company, the community and fulfilling her role.

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