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This is one of the most exciting parts for reforestation projects. For us, planting mangrove is not just that. Raising awareness to act properly is one of the best ways to save the planet in terms of long term viewpoint. Education & experience are methods of raising awareness.

All of MangLub VN’s reforestation projects include campaigns of raising awareness by online & on – site activities. Or in the other words,

* You fund the mangrove reforestation;

* Your staff can acquire mangrove knowledge by joining free MPE trips with us and online courses.

The following online courses are funded by our customers through their 4 - year reforestation projects with MangLub VN. Let's raise your mangrove awareness with us now!


As it fits with our mission, MangLub VN is authorized to conduct online campaigns of raising awareness on behalf of our clients.

The learning pages are free and built for the community. Please feel free to access these!

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