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Our Project

To develop a compensation system, open to all concerned stakeholders, allowing to compensate the impact on biodiversity and environment related to port developments, more particularly mangroves which are widely present in the emerging countries where port developments are underway …..

SK Innovation sponsored the setup cost of nursery in 2021, and in June 2022, there were over 4,000 seedlings at the nursery.


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​Our Course

My name is Intsia Bijuga, a special member of the big mangrove family.

Are you wondering why I‘m more special than my other siblings?

Then, please read my story, and you will know more about myself, dear Friends!

I. Who am I?

My scientific name is Intsia Bijuga. Interestingly, my Vietnamese name is Gõ Nước while in other countries, they call me in different names such as Borneo teak, kwila, vesi, Johnston river teak, Ipil, Ifit, merbau. Wow, lots of names!

Well, I’m a member of the Fabaceae flowering tree family, and living inland where high salinity happens. And that’s my special feature! I can, sometimes, tolerate floods. In comprarison with my other mangrove siblings, I have to give up with long or recurring floods, but I’m a hero in living with high salinity.

I’m sure that you can guess the reason of our different names in different languages? Because we have been present in many places such as East Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia, or even Pacific islands, the local people named us in their own languages.

Unfortunately, in Vietnam, there are less of us. In my memory, the year 2021 saw less than 100 of us who were living in Long Vinh commune, Duyen Hai district, Tra Vinh province.


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