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Let's watch the video to know what happened to Rhizophora Apiculata !

Hello! Where is this place, guys? I’m a Rhizophora Apiculata from Indonesia. I was swept away and drifted for many days.

We are living in Duyen Hai district (Tra Vinh, Vietnam). Why are you here, bro?”

Oops, in my place, the tourism has been developing. Many tourists have visited us, causing that the soil around my roots slipped away. Thus, we were also drifted here.

Can you please tell us more?

Well, many cruises or boats carry tourists to sightseeing our forest landscape. These friends tried to adjust the speed, but many boats have come in and out, the sediments under the mud has gradually loose, causing uprooting. Now, I don’t know where my brothers & sisters are now.  

Oh god! We’re lucky that we don’t have such boats. But one thing, I guess that your place is more fun if there are many tourists visiting, right?

Yes! But unluckily, trashes are also present after these tour, you know. I often heard the laughs, the voices… which cheered our places. But after the boat left, the nylon bags, the cokes, the cookies … were also there too. I know the Forestry guards tried to protects us by regulations, however, sometimes, the problems are also uncontrollable.

So sad!

Well, before drifting here, I heard that our families had to move because there was more plans of tourism development. Well, I’m afraid that the nutrition will not be sufficient enough to feed us, the soil will become degraded due to sufferings from tourists’ activities.

Calm down, don’t be sad! Let’s stay here with us. Well, have you ever heard about “responsible tourism”?

Not yet. What’s is it?

Here, I heard that this concept will be applied for tourism development. I’ll tell you more in the next lesson, bro. Guys, please move to the next lesson of Responsible Tourism.

Responsible Tourism


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